Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Collar Project -adore your neck series-

Weekly Collar Project -adore your neck series-

-Imprint old age-

photo and collar by myself

B- Bloodstream

Sunday noon

with a thought-

"i think i might have inhale you"

... makes a perfect Sunday.

J- Joo

Joo was my lecturer. She used to teach me drawing during my days in Arts school.
As you can see, these are all happening in her blog and her illustrated book is out already.

i have been reading her blog and she has this "a word- a drawing- a day" thingy, like what i am doing for "the single word room"..
a process of learning to express a word in visuals.

specially love the first drawing- "K-Knight"
check out more of her works, here
my all time favorite series is

The Anatomy of Monotony from 2004.

is a speechless series.

M- Mind

via amanda austin

my current state of mind- Warm

stay warm.
is 3am in the morning.
total darkness.
but there's a need to feel the warmness of the sunlight.
with a smell of burning [skin]

Saturday, December 11, 2010

W- Wedding

A parcel with full of whitie -pink-champagne

These were specially design for Eunice's wedding in Melbourne, which was just happen on last weekend, and sure it is, a sweet and memorable one for those who has attended with their blessing

Xiao Lei n Eunice

*May your marriage as warm as the everlasting sun light *

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

T- Travel

May i introduce you ,
the happiest couple in the world- Julia and Yuriy!
Now this lovely pair is traveling around the world for half a year, right after their wedding in Oct.
They are both photographers, so read their blog, and break your piggy bank, be prepare to fly away from your country too!

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot
they are now moving to Turkey from Greece.. both places are in my ultimate wish list~~

i promise myself, I will be there !

S- Science

via the indigo bunting

I would be scoring an A in my science if i ever get this in my childhood days.
A sweet mom and aunt throw a party for her kid, "Sid the Science Kid" at the science museum,
making all these little goodies bag for the birthday boy and his friends,
i can imagine the smile on his face,
such a cute idea!

T- Tea break

" how about a cup of tea with me ?" said Karl Lagerfeld.
isn't this a true fun~ ?
would be a nice x'mas gift to the funky ones !
via donkey products

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O- Ouch!

via milk

Ouch! pinch my earth skin~pinch!

How painfully nice to see this on you road trip!

Installation art by Mehmet Ali Uysal

M- Mind

via Valspring

my current state of mind-

It's been a long time
for me to post again.

i have been longing for it...

working on new projects, making collars, indulge in wedding decor,
drawing in my journal, taking photos of little objects, unfamiliar faces in streets, styling ordinary into wonderful wonders,
feeding myself with tons of inspirations material and yes.. coffee in the afternoon sunlight..
how wonderful~~

unfortunately.. non of these is happening in my current life at all!

i have been working ..started with my new job, new working life,
i hope i can steal some time, no more lacking,

hunting down more inspirations. feeding myself with greed in "making".