Personal Creations

Skin's Coral

Skin's Coral is made for a need of feeling fluffy on your chest

of course
we got to hug it first

H- Holiday

photos by myself
my holiday was spent

walking in a museum
browsing magazines and books
entering a cafe
drinking iced summer waltz latte with extra osmanthus syrup

with my love one.

a true holiday

For The Girl In The Sea

initially this was for a friend
i was commissioned by her to make a collar piece,
this was what i have thought of her when she was an office lady,
a sweety with powerful and independent capability,
The Girl In The Sea

but a second thought,
she is now a mother-to-be,
and the one that suits her was the one i posted last week!

P-Purple Amaryllis

Quite ashamed that i didn't follow up my collar project on time,
so as posting on my blog... (guilty*)

things have settled down a bit
and i think i can start making more collars!
hope i won't disappoint my post title.

This week, is a duo set for my dear friend H.T and her daughter Abigail.
A creamy lace collar for mama
a lacy bib for baby girl.

Purple Amaryllis symbolize "splendid beauty"
both of you.)

J- Journal

i met some of my old sketches the other day,
i then decided to give them a scanner bath,
so they can meet you with a nice paper-ish smell

W- Wedding

my latest head piece
the "Winter woods" for the December bride- Samtonight

photos by myself and simon yong

W- Wedding

origami corsage
- blue china birdy
for my Brother
photos by myself

W- Wedding

Birdy - with blue china print + golden body

Last time i posted a few photos of some accesories i made for my Bro's Wedding
some other parts of
A birdy- Blue - Violet- Golden
to share

S- Smiling

i remember looking at this woman in a shop,
constantly smiling to everything she saw,
probably she love books and journal,
probably she was just exercising her muscle.
as a result, i started to exercise my muscle too.

the next minute, my brain was telling me, how have i missed my long hair..
and so
i have this.

drawing my brain's conversations

drawing by myself

G- Grizzly

some of you may have seen this hand phone cover in person,
and yes i heard you say" wow it's so 3D", yup, i was surprised with the finished work too!

stitching work base on my daily sketches.
i just love drawing animals!
maybe a goat "meeehhh-ing " out on my next cover~
Maybe you can't see it from here, the nose and mouth area is actually 'protruding' out.  

photo and drawing by myself

W- Wedding 

A Birdy - Blue -Violet- Golden Wedding
my dearest Brother and Sis-In-Law

26 Dec 2010

more photos to come in my next post..

Weekly Collar Project -adore your neck series-

-For That Lady In Indigo-

photo and collar by myself

Weekly Collar Project -adore your neck series-

-Imprint old age-

W- Wedding

A parcel with full of whitie -pink-champagne

These were specially design for Eunice's wedding in Melbourne, which was just happen on last weekend, and sure it is, a sweet and memorable one for those who has attended with their blessing

Xiao Lei n Eunice

*May your marriage as warm as the everlasting sun light *

W- 我

a capture in the afternoon by myself
我们一样有着银色的汗毛,同样的兴趣, 同样的耳朵, 同样的味蕾, 睡在同样的花室,为吸食着同样的二氧化碳而感到兴奋。


C- Capelet

my dear friend asked me to make a capelet for her to attend a wedding.
so after weeks, i made her this nude peachy layered capelet!

our favorite part will be the changeable embellishment,
she can pin it in different style!
oh yes, there's a way to wear it as a lacy bib necklace too!
I'm totally satisfied!^^


This is what i mentioned in the previous post, working on some wedding projects.
and this special paper + real flower bouquet is for my sis-in-law with the red devoted to my their R.O.M. day.

Is a special day to the Hew & Ng Family!

Weekly Collar Project- adore your neck series-
-Butterfly Tea-

it was made for a photo shoot, unfortunately i didn't get to use that at the end of the day.
it is now hanging in my tiny room. sometimes it flies away.

Weekly Collar Project- adore your neck series-
-Black Swan Dance-

i am satisfied with the outcome of this little black piece here.
it just goes well with any round neck top

(maybe next time i should do a snap shot post with the outfits i match with all my collar neck pieces.)

W- 胃


By aiwei in 相關陌生及熟悉,別人的事情
自從由東京回來後, 我的胃口便好像在馬桶里被沖走的糞便一樣的消失了。
消失的原因也許是因為我還站在馬桶的前面, 見證著那不存在的糞便的馬桶。 但事實上,糞便還存在著, 它們順著水流的方向由銜接著馬桶的管道一直往低處移動, 一直到無法前進為止。 然後它們就堆集在一池的同類當中, 哪裡也不去了。 然後慢慢消失。
原來胃口是這麼一回事。 原來都是曾經存在和隱藏在某一處。

via seeyoutomorrow

seeyoutomorrow 的创作来自我的一个有趣的朋友。 我们的交情不深,但是志同道合,所以蛮谈得来。我想她是个很神奇的女生,常常从她的文字里看到静物的活体。对,就是你眼里的那些不起眼东西会引起你的注意。
记得胃口这回事吗?看了她的文章才知道胃口的身份很漂浮,这时才解释了最近我的胃口也消失了的原因。隱藏在哪里了吧。。这种漂浮的身份, 应该也会发生在其他地方。。

a drawing by myself

Weekly Collar Project- adore your neck series-
-Sewing Bird Robin-

T- TapeiTTapeless bag
made a few TapeiTTapeless bag
anyone who still appreciate handmade bags?

Weekly Collar Project- adore your neck series- 

Flower {P}

Weekly Collar Project- adore your neck series- 
this is my collar project.

Orange Birdy

Birdy look with orange felt, lace and metal piece.A series of photos- Hunting Ever After, will be posted in a short while.
model : Erika

The Moo moo pouch

I love the pointy legs. I was trying to make a pouch that i can use it as a wallet + a coin pouch. So i came out with these pointy legs for the coins to drop in either one of the side.
This pants shape look alike pouch just make my life easy!

N- Nightingale

And some drawings on doilies from me.