W- Wedding

my latest head piece
the "Winter woods" for the December bride- Samtonight

photos by myself and simon yong

W- Wedding

origami corsage
- blue china print birdy
for my Brother
photos by myself

W- Wedding

Birdy - with blue china print + golden body

Last time i posted a few photos of some accesories i made for my Bro's Wedding
some other parts of
A birdy- Blue - Violet- Golden
to share

W- Wedding 

A Birdy - Blue -Violet- Golden Wedding
my dearest Brother and Sis-In-Law

26 Dec 2010

more photos to come in my next post..

W- Wedding

A parcel with full of whitie -pink-champagne

These were specially design for Eunice's wedding in Melbourne, which was just happen on last weekend, and sure it is, a sweet and memorable one for those who has attended with their blessing

Xiao Lei n Eunice

*May your marriage as warm as the everlasting sun light *

Brother's Big Day

This is what i mentioned in the previous post, working on some wedding projects.
and this red is devoted to my brother's R.O.M. day.

Is a special day to the Hew Family!

Is All About Getting Married In The End Of The Year 

photograph by Jimena Roquero

here i am,
the year is ending , is getting busier~
for weeks, i have been away, busy with weddings!!
creating little things for the beautiful day for my friends and brother.

yet i am still half way to finish up another wedding request of a bouquet, wrist bands
and head piece for the lovely bride~
Meanwhile i will post up those little creations that i have completed in the next post :)

Let me take a small break, with a cup of Latte and some visual orgasm from my blog list.

photograph by Jimena Roquero

Found Objects Wedding

i like found objects. i like it when you put all of them together like a collection.
each matching just doesn't waste the uniqueness in itself
these wonderful photos were taken by Galaxie Andrews, click here for more pics.
and all the dresses is by Monique Martinez, Lovely!

Good morning Everyone!
Ley's have a great start here with some nice engagement photos by Simply Bloom Wedding Photography , taken in New York and Italy for Lia and Rob. Follow by the last post B-Balloon i have posted, i was imaging a balloon wedding ceremony, surrounded by sea of balloons floating both in the air and ground~ how nice!