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P- Pocket face

Do you feel lonely all the time?

you need a 
Pocket Man Friend /Pocket Girl Friend
They follow you all the time and listen to all your sorrows.
good? they even custom made couple face too!

I- Inkling

Do you need a manager for your drawings?
New product by WACOM

S- Sarah Maycock

Sarah Maycock's drawings make me feel
yeah, winter is coming soon when you see
chilling polar, mysterious foxy and sexy- eyes wolf  are coming out !

-intensive marks making i thought .)


a place where you see hues in a cinematic manner.
Great one!


Evangelione  makes dolls 
Dolls that owns a life.
i am impressed by her passion for creating,
creating souls and life as living.
Especially handmade/crafting industry in South East Asia is not as popular as in 
Europe or US. 
Starving artist a lot, and we are constantly seeking for people who
will appreciate what we have created with passion.

do support
creative minds.

F- 52 cups of coffee
image by Jon Huck

Megan Gebhart aims to have coffee with 52 strangers in a year.
This act has been changing her life since she decided to welcome 52 new friendships in.
the unexpected results were then documented in her tumblr- 52 Cups of Coffee
she's at her cup 48 this week, 4 more cups to end the mission.

i admire her act of documenting like a writer
it has a strong resemblance of a collector,
a collector who gathers ones interest in different format/medium.
i would love to be one

This reminds me of Jon Huck, he "collects" people's breakfast by taking portraits of them.

what have you been collecting?

B- Billie Achilleos

pics via 
the artist behind these wondrous displays for Louis Vuitton
20 animals in jars,
 i fancy on the cobra,
 rabbit, squirrel, frog, owl and many more... which one is your favorite?

check out more pics and video here

D- Doll

i recently found a place to reminisce girly childhood days
- Paper Dolls from Betsy McCall!
this generous website allows us to print out the old school paper toys from their site
 with a wide selection of fanciful outfits categorized in different years and functions.

Come have a theatrical tea party with these vintage prints now,
they also have Teri's Paper Doll Land,
with some other dolls selection

Skin's Coral

Skin's Coral is made for a need of feeling fluffy on your chest

of course
we got to hug first

R- Royal Mint

Royal Mint has a collection of animals.
read carefully what they have to say for themselves, they bear nice stories.)

i like Ursa cub, is a gift of courage to people who earns to be brave!

S-Shawn Smith

works by Shawn Smith
in his words," I am interested in how we experience nature through technology.
When we see images of nature on TV or on a computer screen, we feel that we are seeing nature but we are really only seeing patterns of pixilated light."
Being an object maker, Shawn make his practice on dentity, color, labor, technology, and science.

Very captivating.

C- Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix haute-couture x Illustration stationary
Stunning! Isn't it?
creations of Christian Lacroix Papier

M- Massimal

"Massimal" a series of 1:1 animal sculpture design by D.O.T.S
another creative transformation of humble material to quality design.

J- JasondeCairestaylor

this is one of the most magnifique art work that awed me in a huge way
The Silent Evolution by Jason De Caires Taylor
maximize your awe-ness from here

D- Dennis Raines

Sketch Books by Dennis Raines
Every pages of these are truly a mind blowing treasure to me
Dennis Raines scribbles, jots, doodles every single idea on his sketch books
like a dairy
serve the food to your mind.

P- Photoshop

"Handmade" Photoshop CS4
what an effort!
view the fun behind the scenes here

Honestly i don't mind my breakfast being interrupted by this magical way!
love it much!
After watching their "behind the scenes" video, totally salute these bunch of fun making filmmakers!

P- Portraits

DJ couple Matthew and Sandy Davis, aka designer/artist
made these vintage portraits alive with vivid hand-painted graphics
check out their handmade paper products and note books
from their Etsy shop

B- Beet cake
This is Mouth Watering and Absolutely Beautiful!
nice pace.

B- Bouncy balls
i would love to see raining bouncy balls sometimes
is a way to put a smile on one's face :)

G- Gallows

by Cocorosie

my all time favorite goosebumps

Gold Fountain LKW & PKW by Sylvie Fleury
Two thumbs up from eco-friendly dude!

via TodayandTomorrow

F- Felice Varini

this is not super-imposed or simply illustrated shapes and lines on photographs.
these are real paintings on actual places that we are living in.
i do hope i can makesome doodles in my future house, this is mega fun!

jaw dropping works by Felice Varini
Spending over 30 years to work on a concept, since 1979, Felice focus on applying simple shapes and lines in nature environment, starting from a vantage point, until you move around the environment, you will see fragments of geometrical shapes. The relationship of the paintings and the space stands alone by the creations of Felice and the nature itself. Not only one vantage point is exist, and as long as the artist concern, things that happen outside the vantage point is much more important. At the end of the day, the painting will have an individual life with the space. quoted Felice Varini.

via Poetic Mind
via Design Crisis

S- Suitcase 

Try to own one of these suitcases,
you might be surprised that you could have some new aspects to live as a human beings in this world.
beyond expectations.


Talk to the hand -
this is such a fun idea for your coat, umbrella and bags!

B- Broken


Livia Marin's "Broken things" sounds out 

the issues of brokenness and recuperation.

D- Diamond

turn on the lights and make a wish!
can you imagine a whole full of room hanging this powerful diamond?
Diamond Light by Eric Therner


This art project is by Japanese artist and illustrator Baku Maeda
Facinated by animal's expression, he transform his art medium- ribbon into various animal,
for showcasing or gift wrapping.
What a fancy gift!

V- Valerie Hegarty


burn and demolish
a special treats for your unfaithful usual day

A- Aki

A mixture works by Aiwei Foo.
Always find atypical excitement in her works.
i like it
is a vibrant tanquil
more of aiwei's works in next post

N- Noriko Ambe

creates flat globe with papers, cutting the nagative space with freehand
This life time works started in '99
a journey to embody the relationship of time, human and nature.
i say
it is willingness of enduring creates the visual orgasm

M- Mouth

a mouth full of animal!
a little game that you can hear laughter and giggling from little kiddo.)

B- Beth Katleman
Beth Katleman works magic on "wallpaper"
-delicate and pulchritudinous-

oh yes, her works in Barneys NY Window for Chanel
-is angelic-

T- Tassel

i am admiring the contrasting application on these home decors..
it isn't too hard too be the finest precious..
concrete ghost- a beautiful collaboration between Kathy Dalwood and Di Overton

A-Alidra Alić


This would be my favourite A
I went to her website once and straight away fall in love with her works at the first sight.
After sometime when i was about to share her works over here, i realise i haven't bookmark her page!
As a result, i went crazily over every blog that i usually visit and found no trace of these eccestric pieces that make my heart pounds real fast.
i was browsing FrenchBlue eariler today and unexpectedly these characteristic pieces appear again!
and there, i found my ultimate dream ring for wedding!
sadly, i leart that quite a few number of the rings under contemporary jewelry series is mainly for display purpose rather than having it as a wearable jewelry~
Gosh~ i really couldn't resist of having the orcid piece, even though is just for display, i could say, it is really a piece of art to me.
Can you feel the pouding ?

P- Pop Pop Pop

Pop up Book
for your viewing pleasure

S- Still Corners

by Still Corners
Endless Summer,
for everyone.

I mentioned it in my last post,
please taste this with the free form figure in red

T- Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny

by Tomáš Gabzdil Libertiny
via no wonders via designboom
while i am reading this post from no wonders, looking at the red pigmented free form of body figure with 40,000 worker bees engaging it, my room is playing Still Corners's Endless Summer(hear from it on my next post) . Amazingly this martyred figure is looking relieved and alive to me.

The suspended closed cabinet references the strict boundaries of society where the toil of everyday duty is masked by
the hope of eternal rest in an after-life promised by the believer. the bees are programmed to act
for their queen who puppet-rules for Libertiny. the viewer is able to recognize this element of
manipulation of the bees while ignorant to the invisible constraints and measures imposed
on our own existence. initially, Tomáš introduced a natural red pigment into the mold which bees
spread evenly across the whole figure. the red relates to blood and flesh and is also the only color
in the visible spectrum that bees do not see.

T- t

by iamamiwhoami

one more time
taste the weirdness

watch 'b' from here

R- Ring
Inner message is a ring that leaves an impression on the finger.

반지 안쪽에 글씨가 새겨져 있어, 반지를 끼고있다가 뺐을 때 자국이 남는다.

design by Yoon Jung Yun

someone has been extremely sweet and thoughtful to create this ring...

A few years ago a Korean singer wrote a song about the sunburn mark that he found on his finger after he broke up with his girlfriend and removed a ring he had been wearing for a long time. This is the story that inspired Jungyun Yoon to make ‘Inner message’, a ring with hidden letters on the inside.

B- b

founded by Jonna Lee

they are 6 of them who contribute to the
six music video in alphabet- b, n, o, y, t, u-1,u-2
..and the rest of them
they all available in Amazon and iTunes Store

Baey, my freind, i thought of you in the first place when i saw this.
i guess you will like it as i do
listen to the sound of plastic hand, fake eyelashes and the black leopard.

J- Joo

Joo was my lecturer. She used to teach me drawing during my days in Arts school.
As you can see, these are all happening in her blog and her illustrated book is out already.

i have been reading her blog and she has this "a word- a drawing- a day" thingy, like what i am doing for "the single word room"..
a process of learning to express a word in visuals.

specially love the first drawing- "K-Knight"
check out more of her works, here
my all time favorite series is

The Anatomy of Monotony from 2004.

is a speechless series

S- Science

via the indigo bunting

I would be scoring an A in my science if i ever get this in my childhood days.
A sweet mom and aunt throw a party for her kid, "Sid the Science Kid" at the science museum,
making all these little goodies bag for the birthday boy and his friends,
i can imagine the smile on his face,
such a cute idea!

O- Ouch

via milk

Ouch! pinch my earth skin~pinch!

How painfully nice to see this on you road trip!

Installation art by Mehmet Ali Uysal

M- Mel Robson

via loveobsessinspire
creation of Mel Robson

i believe you wouldn't want to drop these on the floor...



T- Takashi Murakami

by Takashi Murakami

The golden child i ever met...

via a view to

R- Ryan Berkley

Did i ever mentioned that i love animal drawings, A LOT??
i enjoy drawing animals, there's a special bond between me and the living creatures, i wouldn't know it until i make my lines
These living creatures seem so quiet.
i like them .
Ryan Berkley creates each of them with a story behind. A brief of each Mister, can make you a new friend.)

on top are a few of my favorites. see more drawings over here.


H- Hands
poster by Bold & Noble via feedgeeks

I love this poster, although what it says doesn't really work for me every time,
but let's keep this as a practice :)

B- Bless

Bless you with these objects. via Hunting and Collecting
Twin Bag
Hairy Automatica
Earphone cable Jewelry

Designer, Desiree Heiss et Ines Kaag
from Berlin

D- Doodle

i would love to wear a doodling ,
It is very symbolic


by Tickette

T- Tattoo

having a family portrait tattoo on yourself isn't difficult at all,
moreover, is a well done piece of art.
above we have a dad having a tattoo of his son's portrait, a son having his parent's wedding portrait on his body and a man showing his enduring love to his beloved wife.
nicely shade!

all creations by Singapore tattoo artist Aelvin Lim
via Imagine

J- Julia Pott
I like her drawings, Julia Pott. I must say i am a fan of animal, especially in drawings.
Humanize animals, her lines are sensitive and fine. Not to mention, the story behind each drawings is thoughtful, to me.
One of her animations, which is one of my favorite.)

buy her drawings and prints at her Etsy shop

P- Plates

Bon Appétit

i would love to dine in with your animal, Mr James Ward
via design crush blog

S- Sketchbooks
whenever i feel like having some warm tears, i read this - Book by Its Cover
massive treasure inside! people around the world share their skecth books life here.
Julia Rothman 's The"Forever" sketchbook & series by Anna Emilia Laitinen
is my today's favorite
i used to have messy sketch books, i love them.
treat it like an object itself, you put everything you found in it.
you put it in your pocket , so it could smells like your jacket.
you hold it in your hand and it smells of cigarette in your hand.
everyone can draw.
today please leave a mark on your sketchbook.

 H-  花【hana】

saw this lately from my quirky friend- aiwei foo's facebook
Japanese post music group "ASA-CHANG&junray"

M- Maron Bouillie
Thinking of going green? Maron Bouillie has a collection of recycle tote bags for your grocery days. Yes. No More Plastic Bags .


They are terribly talented in making accessories and interior furnishing with ceramic, their creative process is always a mystery, the most, i like the idea of  "work starts with no specific definition of what each item will become" ! -- Kiyomi Kodama and Ai Kurahashi from

these are truly delicate art pieces, that i would like to spend my afternoon holding them in my hands and simply glorify them**

Check out their exhibitions too!!