S- Smoke

smoke from floto+warner on Vimeo.

colorful smoke. vitality.
can you see the expression of the smoke?
i can.

K- Karen Knorr

via Honestly...WTF

Photos by Karen Knorr

celebrating the visual richness found in the fables, myths and stories of northern India.

H- Home

photos by me

this is the benefit of surrounded by all kinds of ornaments, tress and props--
i have an early Christmas
i can take photos of them.

K-Kim Keever

Do you need an escape gateway to somewhere real dreamy and intangible?
i got nice recommendations: Kim Keever's fish tank!
All these landscapes came alive by using colored lighting and dispersal pigments. 
Referencing from the Romanticism landscape painting, these pieces of works are timeless.
picture this: 
the piece of land that we owned in our mind, should look like this.



You may want to peep into the life of mafia in Tokyo, for real,
this is a documentary of the YAKUZA, 極道.
Thanks to Anton Kusters, who successfully went in as a shadow,
tailing them in 24 months, attended secret meetings, night clubs, combat training and even funerals.
an insight that normal people wouldn't get to see, has been published and sold out.
Fortunately, 2nd edition is coming out,
grab it by end of Oct.

S - Smell

Current State of mind-

I think I might’ve inhale you
I could feel you behind my eyes
You gotten into my bloodstream
I could feel you floating in me

 - bloodstream, Stateless

photos by me

M- Mind

Current state of mind -

all set and ready
we are sailing to the
vertical land

which is across our brain

photo by Randy P. Martin

F- Frozen

I carried a Nikon FM2 with me last May.
we went Taiwan.
Black and White films follow us everyday,
i thought of sharing with you all what have we done together when we hiked up
to a mountain and passed by the cold sea.

Most of the time
we were frozen together.

J-Julia Hetta

she has the ability to froze the air.
what she creates, has a moment of silence.

B- Beach

the moment i stepped on the beach

taken by me
Nikon FM2

H- Hendrick Kerstens

photos courtesy of Hendrik Kerstens

Such a beautiful, elegance amusement
Hendrik Kerstens
certainly has a great sense of humour in his works.


C- Criminals

can you believe they had reallycommited in crimes and not jus posting for a movie poster?
the police/photogrpher who took these,
you were born to be artistic.

W- William Hundley

William Hundley is making this incredible visual impact by having people jumping up behind a wrapped fabric and clicking his camera shutter at a very second with a perfect leap in the mid-air.
Salute to the mysterious hovering and the humour + beatiful aesthetic that he's trying to show us here!

read an interview with him at
and view more of these photos seriesr- Entoptic Phenomena from here.

S- Snow flake

winter has gone
but the obsession for snow flakes is still frozen in Yuji Obata's photography.
Are you amaze by what he has been doing? ---
Capturing the intricate beauty in ice land

M- Mind
current state of mind-
blown off

i think there are too much shapes in my brain.

Photo by Rengim Mutevellioglu

S- Shooting star

we want to talk about growing some shooting stars in your pouch.
so what do you suggest?

i think it will be nice if we add in some music note, so you can listen to it as well.

photos by myself

B- Brooke Shaden

works by Brooke Shaden
via no woders


these are my favorites few
she often "layer" herself in several shoots to create these rather quietly peaceful works
beautiful story telling

F- First

This is my very first post in 2011.
Alexandra Sophie is my first pick to refresh my life here.
It works. and hopefully it last.

There are so much to share in 2010, especially in the last few months, but i failed to do so,
today , i am spending my time to have some quality sharing moment with my thoughts/works and my wonder finds..

i thought
those promises that were not fullfilled in 2010, shall be {Double Up},
yep, more discipline to acoomplish it,
more patient,
more words
more photos
more reading
more lines
more projects
more sharing
more MaisonMartinMargiela
more sketcing
more action
and less empty promises

M- Mind

via amanda austin

my current state of mind- Warm

stay warm.
is 3am in the morning.
total darkness.
but there's a need to feel the warmness of the sunlight.
with a smell of burning [skin]

T- Travel

May i introduce you ,
the happiest couple in the world- Julia and Yuriy!
Now this lovely pair is traveling around the world for half a year, right after their wedding in Oct.
They are both photographers, so read their blog, and break your piggy bank, be prepare to fly away from your country too!

Mr and Mrs Globe Trot
they are now moving to Turkey from Greece.. both places are in my ultimate wish list~~

i promise myself, I will be there !

M- Mind

via Valspring

my current state of mind-

It's been a long time
for me to post again.

i have been longing for it...

working on new projects, making collars, indulge in wedding decor,
drawing in my journal, taking photos of little objects, unfamiliar faces in streets, styling ordinary into wonderful wonders,
feeding myself with tons of inspirations material and yes.. coffee in the afternoon sunlight..
how wonderful~~

unfortunately.. non of these is happening in my current life at all!

i have been working ..started with my new job, new working life,
i hope i can steal some time, no more lacking,

hunting down more inspirations. feeding myself with greed in "making".

Being a lady is an attitude.

-Chuck Woolery-

feeling sexy is important

photo by Jamie Nelson

M- Mind

photo by me

My current state of mind:
Bring me tools
my fingers work magic for you

Elizabeth Soule

Yup... More animals treats for this long week end~~

-Little zoo series-
These photos were taken by Elizabeth Soule with a SX-70 camera


oh yes, and how can i forget you?
Gnome, what a nice portrait you have~
you are famous!

S- Summer

i really need my sunshine.
I am officially in this mood right now!
This series from Kling's campaign shots is calling me..

Dear Sunday, can i lay on the grass, feel the warm of sunlight, smell the tinted haze in the air,
waste my lethargic with you this afternoon..
Sunday, you know you are important to me.

Photography by Antonella Arismendi, models Azul & Simone, style by Adrian Gonzalez, makeup by Caro Fernandez, hair by Vero de Luca.

Z- 妆

it is a mundane routine

for you, i paled my face, polished my lips with intensity

after-all, have you even ever get that strike in your head?

纯白的脸, 胭脂的红

你脑子里的弦, 有为此而拨了一下吗?

a photography & styling project by myself
model- Joanna Rain

S- Sound Sculpture

at a certain moment---
a click!

- and it captured an abstract nature of sound in colors -

the Sound Sculpture
via DentsuLondon's making future magic

enjoy the video here.
photos by linden.g


by mariehochhaus
via Audrey Hepburn Complex

my current state of mind- exhausted

stop the running alphabet in my mind.

i am falling out -

falling out from my bed

H- Holidays

via bawkbawkbawk
very nice photos she has.

Let's paint our nails again


a series, styling and photograph by myself

make up by Adrian.T
Model: Erika. T

It is the very first time

S- Series
Kid has taken up to the air, Once

a series, styling and photograph by myself
Model: Erika.T

O-Osamu Yokonami

it definitely quench my thirst with Osamu Yokonami's beautiful visuals.
it tasted like peaceful life with sun ,
yes, sun light in your everyday, but you forgot to embrace, because you were just sitting indoor

i felt the warm
i then loaded a new negative in my camera

M- Morning

-The orange life guard's morning
sinks in a polka dot room-


M- Mind

By SarahLee
via Artpixie

my current state of mind- drowning

i left my head out a peace of mind
please give focus, like the silent under the water

R- Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude's photography works via Trend Land
i love these tiny little detail in each pics that leads the story, marvelous lighting and
it is cinematic enough to let you hold a popcorn in your hand, enjoy!

a tale of colors living  I - Eat

-a man has been feeding himself some simple carbohydrates
digesting in a manner without any slight chance to taste
if is the colors which have been digested, what would his skin color turn out to be?
he paused, if he had consumed all kind of colors, he's no longer pure -

thanks to Simon.Y and Adrian.T for the biggest support in this shoot
Model: Adrian.T

-S- Series (sensationally preview)-

a preview of my up-coming work
is a tale of "colors living"

-adore your neck series-
i had my 1st try on this old film camera
featuring collar project- adore your neck series

-confused youth-

- a series by myself
with assist by Adrian.T and Simon. Y

-Hunting Ever After-

i was working on my own project, covering styling, art directions and photography. This beautiful young model here is Erika, she's a freelance model who currently base in Adelaide.
Thanks to Simon and Adrian for giving me full support and assists in the entire shoot!

i had a 'vision flood' in my brain.
so i promise myself i will be inspired and produce more works, to flood your mind.