Tuesday, September 27, 2011

F - 52 cups of coffee

image by Jon Huck

Megan Gebhart aims to have coffee with 52 strangers in a year.
This act has been changing her life since she decided to welcome 52 new friendships in.
the unexpected results were then documented in her tumblr- 52 Cups of Coffee
she's at her cup 48 this week, 4 more cups to end the mission.

i admire her act of documenting like a writer
it has a strong resemblance of a collector,
a collector who gathers ones interest in different format/medium.
i would love to be one

This reminds me of Jon Huck, he "collects" people's breakfast by taking portraits of them.

what have you been collecting?

B- Billie Achilleos

pics via 
the artist behind these wondrous displays for Louis Vuitton
20 animals in jars,
 i fancy on the cobra,
 rabbit, squirrel, frog, owl and many more... which one is your favorite?

check out more pics and video here

Friday, September 9, 2011

D- Doll

i recently found a place to reminisce girly childhood days
- Paper Dolls from Betsy McCall!
this generous website allows us to print out the old school paper toys from their site
 with a wide selection of fanciful outfits categorized in different years and functions.

Come have a theatrical tea party with these vintage prints now,
they also have Teri's Paper Doll Land,
with some other dolls selection