Sunday, October 24, 2010

W- 我

a capture in the afternoon by myself

我们一样有着银色的汗毛,同样的兴趣, 同样的耳朵, 同样的味蕾, 睡在同样的花室,为吸食着同样的二氧化碳而感到兴奋。


V- Victorian

Treat your D.I.Y project seriously like Sandra Foster. She turned a tiny cottage to a dream of Victorian with a renovation and furnishing cost of $3,000. You won'e be surprise when you find out that a lot of the furniture were precious finds from the flea market.)

image via the cinderella project . read full article from TheNewYorkTimes

S- Summer

i really need my sunshine.
I am officially in this mood right now!
This series from Kling's campaign shots is calling me..

Dear Sunday, can i lay on the grass, feel the warm of sunlight, smell the tinted haze in the air,
waste my lethargic with you this afternoon..
Sunday, you know you are important to me.

Photography by Antonella Arismendi, models Azul & Simone, style by Adrian Gonzalez, makeup by Caro Fernandez, hair by Vero de Luca.

W- Wedding

This is what i mentioned in the previous post, working on some wedding projects.
and this special paper + real flower bouquet is for my sis-in-law with the red devoted to my their R.O.M. day.

Is a special day to the Hew & Ng Family!

H- Hands

poster by Bold & Noble via feedgeeks

I love this poster, although what it says doesn't really work for me every time,
but let's keep this as a practice :)

C- Capelet

my dear friend asked me to make a capelet for her to attend a wedding.
so after weeks, i made her this nude peachy layered capelet!

our favorite part will be the changeable embellishment,
she can pin it in different style!
oh yes, there's a way to wear it as a lacy bib necklace too!
I'm totally satisfied!^^

W- Wedding

photograph by Jimena Roquero

here i am,
the year is ending , is getting busier~
for weeks, i have been away, busy with weddings!!
creating little things for the beautiful day for my friends and brother.

yet i am still half way to finish up another wedding request of a bouquet, wrist bands
and head piece for the lovely bride~
Meanwhile i will post up those little creations that i have completed in the next post :)

Let me take a small break, with a cup of Latte and some visual orgasm from my blog list.

photograph by Jimena Roquero

Friday, October 8, 2010

B- Bless

Bless you with these objects. via Hunting and Collecting

Twin Bag
Hairy Automatica
Earphone cable Jewelry

Designer, Desiree Heiss et Ines Kaag
from Berlin

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Z- 妆

it is a mundane routine

for you, i paled my face, polished my lips with intensity

after-all, have you even ever get that strike in your head?

纯白的脸, 胭脂的红

你脑子里的弦, 有为此而拨了一下吗?

a photography & styling project by myself
model- Joanna Rain

Sunday, October 3, 2010

S- Sound sculpture

at a certain moment---
a click!

- and it captured an abstract nature of sound in colors -

the Sound Sculpture
via DentsuLondon's making future magic

enjoy the video here.
photos by linden.g