Friday, January 28, 2011

B- Beth Katleman

Beth Katleman works magic on "wallpaper"
-delicate and pulchritudinous-

oh yes, her works in Barneys NY Window for Chanel

-is angelic-

C- Chanel

gracefully walking in a black and white garden
-Chanel 2011 S/S Fashion Show-

T- Tassel

i am admiring the contrasting application on these home decors..
it isn't too hard too be the finest precious..
concrete ghost- a beautiful collaboration between Kathy Dalwood and Di Overton

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A- Alidra Alić

This would be my favourite A

I went to her website once and straight away fall in love with her works at the first sight.

After sometime when i was about to share her works over here, i realise i haven't bookmark her page!

As a result, i went crazily over every blog that i usually visit and found no trace of these eccestric pieces that make my heart pounds real fast.

i was browsing FrenchBlue eariler today and unexpectedly these characteristic pieces appear again!
and there, i found my ultimate dream ring for wedding!
sadly, i leart that quite a few number of the rings under contemporary jewelry series is mainly for display purpose rather than having it as a wearable jewelry~
Gosh~ i really couldn't resist of having the orcid piece, even though is just for display, i could say, it is really a piece of art to me.
Can you feel the pouding ?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

W- Wedding

origami corsage
- blue china print birdy
for my Brother
photos by myself

W- William Hundley

William Hundley is making this incredible visual impact by having people jumping up behind a wrapped fabric and clicking his camera shutter at a very second with a perfect leap in the mid-air.
Salute to the mysterious hovering and the humour + beatiful aesthetic that he's trying to show us here!
read an interview with him at
and view more of these photos seriesr- Entoptic Phenomena from here.

Friday, January 21, 2011

P- Pop Pop Pop

for your viewing pleasure

S- Snow flake

winter has gone
but the obsession for snow flakes is still frozen in Yuji Obata's photography.
Are you amaze by what he has been doing? ---
Capturing the intricate beauty in ice land

F- Feverish Leg

Of cause i am a fan of m+o 's quirky creation
and i am seriously thinking to own a pair
these are my favorite ones, which one is yours?
check out more design here

W- Wedding

Birdy - with blue china print + golden body

Last time i posted a few photos of some accesories i made for my Bro's Wedding
some other parts of
A birdy- Blue - Violet- Golden
to share

Monday, January 17, 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

S- Smiling

i remember looking at this woman in a shop,
constantly smiling to everything she saw,
probably she love books and journal,
probably she was just exercising her muscle.
as a result, i started to exercise my muscle too.

the next minute, my brain was telling me, how have i missed my long hair..
and so
i have this.

drawing my brain's conversations

drawing by myself

G- Grizzly

some of you may have seen this hand phone cover in person,
and yes i heard you say" wow it's so 3D", yup, i was surprised with the finished work too!
Maybe you can't see it from here, the nose and mouth area is actually 'protruding' out.

stitching work base on my daily sketches.
i just love drawing animals!
maybe a goat "meeehhh-ing " out on my next cover~

photo and drawing by myself

Thursday, January 6, 2011

W- Wedding

A Birdy - Blue -Violet- Golden Wedding
my dearest Brother and Sis-In-Law

26 Dec 2010

more photos to come in my next post..