Thursday, January 27, 2011

A- Alidra Alić

This would be my favourite A

I went to her website once and straight away fall in love with her works at the first sight.

After sometime when i was about to share her works over here, i realise i haven't bookmark her page!

As a result, i went crazily over every blog that i usually visit and found no trace of these eccestric pieces that make my heart pounds real fast.

i was browsing FrenchBlue eariler today and unexpectedly these characteristic pieces appear again!
and there, i found my ultimate dream ring for wedding!
sadly, i leart that quite a few number of the rings under contemporary jewelry series is mainly for display purpose rather than having it as a wearable jewelry~
Gosh~ i really couldn't resist of having the orcid piece, even though is just for display, i could say, it is really a piece of art to me.
Can you feel the pouding ?

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