Saturday, February 26, 2011

V- Valerie Hegarty


burn and demolish
a special treats for your unfaithful usual day

N- Noriko Ambe

creates flat globe with papers, cutting the nagative space with freehand
This life time works started in '99
a journey to embody the relationship of time, human and nature.
i say
it is willingness of enduring creates the visual orgasm

A- Aiwei foo

*IN SPORA series

* the headthing

you can expect the beyond here
works by aiwei foo
i have to salute this friend, constantly making dreams in her charismatic room with colorful shapes and fingers

A- Ai Aki

Ai Aki from Aiwei foo on Vimeo.

A mixture works by Aiwei Foo.

Always find atypical excitement in her works.

i like it

is a vibrant tanquil

more of aiwei's works in next post

Friday, February 11, 2011

M- Mouth

a mouth full of animal!
a little game that you can hear laughter and giggling from little kiddo.)

C- Criminals

can you believe they had reallycommited in crimes and not jus posting for a movie poster?
the police/photogrpher who took these,
you were born to be artistic.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

J- Journal

i met some of my old sketches the other day,
i then decided to give them a scanner bath,
so they can meet you with a nice paper-ish smell

W- Wedding

my latest head piece
the "Winter woods" for the December bride- Samtonight

photos by myself and simon yong