Wednesday, August 4, 2010

B- Balloon

i found some balloon actions

15 years old whimsical talent Ann He, view more photos on her flickr here.

The Flight of the Red Balloon - Trailer

A highlight at the 2007 Cannes, Toronto and New York film festivals, Flight of the Red Balloon is the latest masterpiece from HOu Hsiao Hsien (Cafe Lumiere, Three Times). Inspired by Albert Lamorisse's 195 Academy Award winning classic, The Red Balloon, Hou expands on its key elements - a young boy, a red balloon and Paris - to weave an achingly beautiful tale on the mysteries of familial bonds and the lingering effects the past has on us all.

a series of hot air balloon print on vintage book page by BlackBaroque via Etsy

Locket necklace by heartworksbylori via Etsy

And yes.. a hot air balloon ride in my life time wish list... when shall it be?

photo taken by Matt via flickr

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