Tuesday, April 19, 2011

L- Lisa Congdon

Impressed! !*Applause *
What i want to share today is a respectable and a salutation spirit we should take up.
"A Collection A Day" is a project
by Lisa Congdon. She planned this project in 2009 Dec and started in 2010, to photograph/ draw a set of collection by herself, every single day till she hits the day 365. Such persistency gives me an excitement to challenge myself to create a project that is able to change my life as well. I know i have choosen not to be a backbone, (not to mention i have been lacking to post my "Weekly Collar Project " for such a long time, *shame*) but this project definately is urging me to find back my stubbornness and determination in a challenge. This is great, i am looking forward to have a new personal project soon!

Experience Lisa's aesthetic from her blog, or buy a copy of print from here.


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